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Become a bioPURE owner!  bioPURE owners are entrepreneurs who offer innovative solutions for healthier environments where they live, work, and play. 

The bioPURE portfolio provides advanced technology and environmentally friendly products, including germ control, indoor air quality, remediation services, all-natural mosquito control, and more.  Be a difference maker when it comes to providing a healthier environment for both commercial and residential customers.

Owning a bioPURE franchise allows you to define your success and demonstrate your dedication to a healthier environment and providing protection to homes and businesses. bioPURE Customers appreciate the peace of mind that comes with our bioPURE solutions. 

The bioPURE home team is committed to offering the best possible franchise experience. We provide extensive training and support to help you get started, grow your business, and a blueprint to success. Contact us today to learn more about owning your own bioPURE franchise.

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bioPURE Franchise Opportunity | Become a bioPURE owner
bioPURE services for healthier environment in home and business

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bioPURE is the 17th fastest growing
franchise in America
with 30 locations in 14 states.

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bioPURE has been featured on
Fox Business and all major
networks across the United States

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bioPURE franchisees can quickly develop a successful business in their purchased territory. Ownership of a bioPURE franchise location offers owners access to unique products and services and a proven successful model and brand that continues to grow in recognition across the nation.


    Invest in your future, TODAY! Get involved in a rapidly growing industry with a developed company that has a proven business model. Currently the initial investment is a one-time franchise fee of $29,000, plus initial equipment and product order of $10,064. IMPORTANT: Through April 30, 2023, we are covering the cost of the initial equipment and product order (a $10,064 value) for individuals honorably discharged from any branch of the U.S. Military under our “Veteran’s Program”. This is a great opportunity for those looking to get involved in a rapidly growing industry with a proven business model. In addition, you will be required to provide a late model van or pick up truck for your day-to-day operations which is wrapped with the bioPURE approved artwork


    A bioPURE franchisee must devote full-time efforts to the development of their franchise, either through their own involvement as an owner/operator or by building a team. bioPURE is a service based business driven by direct sales. bioPURE provides extensive training and help our franchisees launch their business. The bioPURE Home office provides ongoing assistance, support and training.


    bioPURE franchisees can operate their business from their home, which allows for a lower initial investment and overhead costs. As your business grows and scales up, you should plan on expanding to a dedicated office space. This provides accommodating flexibility as you grow your lasting bioPURE business.

A healthier environment starts with owning a bioPURE™ franchise today!

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Successful bioPURE™ Franchise Owners

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Corporate Executives

Corporate executives have the experience and connections to establish a thriving bioPURE franchise.

Business Owners

Existing business owners have the customer base and infrastructure to rapidly grow their bioPURE franchise. 

Sales Professionals

Proven sales professionals have the ability to build a very large and profitable bioPURE franchise.

Own a Successful bioPURE™ Franchise Territory

bioPURE is currently recruiting self-motivated individuals interested in establishing their own bioPURE franchise. As one of the most rapidly expanding franchises in the United States, bioPURE has hundreds of open territories across the country, including big and fast-growing areas. Every territory is created individually to guarantee that every franchisee has a viable market from which to develop a flourishing and growing business. Expanding territories available in:

Franchise opportunities available in your area now.

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bioPURE™ Success Stories

Profitable Growth and Community Impact

“We already owned a well-established janitorial company. Buying a bioPURE franchise allowed us to instantly provide industry-leading disinfection services to our commercial and residential customers. bioPURE is now our most profitable business unit.”

Todd Story

“We love the ability to operate a very profitable disinfection franchise while really helping the businesses and residents in Louisiana. We quickly proved that bioPURE’s disinfection services were the best in the industry. bioPURE is an essential business!”

Harvey Sharp

“We carefully explored every option before deciding to invest in a bioPURE franchise. It was the best decision we’ve made. The bioPURE disinfection services we provide are far and away the best in our market. bioPURE gives us the brand and tools to succeed.”

Andy Thompson

FAQ - Want to know more about joining the bioPURE™ family?

Your next step is to complete the form on this page. One of the bioPURE Home Team members will quickly schedule a time to explore your opportunities.

bioPURE Holdings LLC is the parent company of bioPURE Services. bioPURE Holdings is owned and operated by the bioPURE Founder and CEO, Brandon Kinder.

bioPURE has been recognized as the fastest growing company in South Carolina, and the 17th fastest growing franchise in the United States by Franchise Gator. bioPURE has 30 locations in 14 states. 

bioPURE has hundreds of open territories across the country in large and growing markets. bioPURE open territories are claimed on a first come, first serve basis.

bioPURE franchise territories are defined by the number of businesses, organizations and residences. Each territory has been custom-developed to ensure that every franchisee has a strong market to build a strong and growing bioPURE location.

While there are many different types of people who can succeed with bioPURE, some of the strongest candidates include corporate executives, existing business owners, and sales professionals. 

The total cost of investment for a bioPURE franchise is approximately $40k-50k including the $29k franchise fee, and $10K initial equipment, and supplies order.

bioPURE’s services are applicable to virtually any industry, institutional, or residential property. In the commercial market, our advanced products and  services are currently eliminating bacteria and viruses in gyms, hotels, spas, offices, universities and colleges, medical facilities,military bases, transportation facilities, casinos, restaurants, daycares, houses of worship, supermarkets, dental offices, event venues, stadiums, Chick-Fil-A, Kroger, Baker Donnelson, ETSU, Harley-Davidson, just to name a few. In the residential market, there is strong and growing demand for bioPURE to  provide all-natural mosquito control, mold remediation, and to disinfect and protect homes, apartments, AirBNB locations, and other types of residences. 

bioPURE franchisees have a variety of ways to serve their commercial and residential customers. Residential and Commercial customers can be served under weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual contracts. Custom multi-service plans are also very common. In addition to bioPURE’s disinfection service plans, customers purchase products such as hand sanitizers and deodorizers to protect their locations and residences.

Yes, bioPURE franchise owners have a distinct advantage over other providers who cannot offer products. bioPURE locations sell hospital-grade disinfectants, professional deodorizers, and non-alcohol based hand sanitizers that provide ongoing protection. Combined with bioPURE’s industry-leading services, these products provide a more complete germ protection solution for commercial and residential customers.

Your bioPURE home team assists you with everything needed to successfully operate your business, including world-class electrostatic disinfection equipment, hospital-grade disinfectants, residual shield disinfectants, hand sanitizer products, van graphics, ATP testing meters, and other miscellaneous supplies.

Your bioPURE support team will recommend several different vehicles either new or used. However, each bioPURE disinfection location can choose their own vehicles (as long as they can transport the equipment properly and safely) as our vehicle wrapping service works for all makes and models.

bioPURE has developed a training program for all new franchise owners. We detail the safety, products, procedures, and sales to build your successful business. 

bioPURE owners enjoy a full team of ongoing support. This includes sales strategy, marketing, hiring, operations and much more. Franchise training and support is a hallmark of joining the bioPURE family.

You can launch a successful bioPURE franchise with just a single person. As you grow, you will need to add additional staff that may include service technicians, sales reps and other support personnel to complement your unique skill set and experience.

We are happy to answer your additional bioPURE questions. Just complete the form on [this page] and one of the bioPURE Home Team members will quickly schedule a time to talk further.

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