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Traditional cleaning methods used are not effective.
Is your business using the latest disinfection technology?

Many of the traditional sanitizers and disinfection products like chlorine bleach and quaternary ammonium compounds (Quats) are toxic to humans, corrosive to materials, and harm the environment when they are released.

Chlorine bleach (hypochlorite) is highly reactive, impure, unstable and sensitive to light and temperature. The normal cleaning method, called spray and wipe, is grossly deficient in sanitizing and disinfecting. It really is just cleaning for appearance. Most threats and risks remain for businesses even after “traditional” cleaning methods.

bioPURE Midlands has the best-advanced solution for proactive germ control in Columbia, Newberry, and Akin which is more effective than traditional cleaning methods. bioPURE Complete applies bioPURE Clean and bioPURE SHIELD solutions using the advanced application technology of electrostatic spraying, providing effective disinfection and an invisible barrier to give your business a healthier environment. 


Proudly serving commercial and residential customers in Midlands SC, including Columbia, Lexington, Akin, and Newberry. 

How much does employee absenteeism cost your business each year?

Proactive germ control reduces sick days and your costs.

The CDC reports that the average productivity loss linked to
absenteeism in the US is approximately $1,685 per employee.

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illness in your business.

Protect Your Business With bioPURE™ Disinfection

The loss of time and money due to illnesses, missed work, and other important events because of colds, cases of flu, and stomach bugs do not have to be a regular occurrence in your business. bioPURE Clean is a proactive germ control solution that will protect your staff and customers from highly-transmittable pathogens.

bioPURE clean is a hospital-type disinfectant that destroys 99.9% of germs, viruses, and bacteria that may endanger your Lexington, Columbia, or Akin facility from running smoothly. The amount of “germs” inside a structure is often referred to as the bio-burden. By partnering with bioPURE to proactively treat your facility, you are utilizing the most advanced system in Columbia, Newberry, and surrounding areas for suppressing and keeping the bio-burden as low as possible. This creates a healthier environment for your staff and customers.

Make Your Business a Healthier Environment with bioPURE™ Disinfection

Proudly serving commercial and residential customers in Midlands SC, including Columbia, Lexington, Akin, and Newberry

Complete Business Protection with bioPURE™ Disinfectant

1st Step bioPURE™ Clean Disinfection

bioPURE Clean is a powerful disinfectant that is used in all bioPURE treatments. This proprietary formulation contains an active component of chlorine dioxide (ClO2), which has proved effective in getting rid of 99.9% of harmful viruses and bacteria. We apply bioPURE clean with electrostatic spraying technology to evenly disburse the disinfectant to all surfaces even ones that can not be reached with normal cleaning methods. 

Unlike other disinfectants, bioPURE Clean does not rely on harmful chemicals to “poison” the germs. Instead, it uses a the safe and natural process of oxidation that mechanically destroys the cellular structure of bacteria and viruses.

bioPURE’s innovative solution sanitizes and disinfects more surfaces in your commercial premises fast and effectively. Our technicians are perfectly trained to apply the solution to your facility safely and effectively. Trust bioPURE Clean for the effective disinfection of your commercial environment in Columbia, Lexington, Akin, and surrounding areas.

bioPURE Clean is also available for purchase to use between electrostatic treatments. 

2nd Step bioPURE™ SHIELD SERVICE Antimicrobial Agent

The next step provides proactive measures treating all areas with an antibacterial shield that creates an invisible barrier to inhibit the growth of odor causing bacteria, bacteria which cause staining and discoloration, fungi (mold and mildew), and algae. With its proven 2-step approach, bioPURE truly delivers the complete solution for preventing or reducing the transfer of germs and diseases.

Our bioPURE SHIELD SERVICE employs an antibacterial treatment that acts as an additional, invisible barrier. This innovative solution for a healthier environment is second to none.

bioPURE SHIELD offers complete protection assurance after applying bioPURE Clean. Since most disinfectants become less potent minutes after application, more harmful microorganisms can breed, increasing the bio-burden. bioPURE SHIELD SERVICE is the extra step to completely protect your commercial facility in Lexington, Akin, and Newberry. 


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