The bioPURE solution. bioPURE Clean!

 bioPUREClean is an EPA registered, hospital grade disinfectant that is also on the EPA’s list of disinfectants known to be effective against many of the pathogens that make us sick in addition to Covid-19.  The product is approved by the NSF (National Sanitization Foundation) as a no wipe, no rinse, no residue material for food […]

It’s all chemistry and physics for bioPURE when we clean!

The best way to explain the difference between “clean” and free of germs, virus and pathogens is to share with our customers the three main concepts that set bioPURE apart. Smearing and spreading is not the way to protect our environments from the things that make us sick. Contact Times are significantly effective in the […]

Germs connect us all! Learn how bioPURE is breaking the connection!

If the world, at large, has learned nothing else, we all know for sure, that we are connected by germs, virus, bacteria, and pathogens. The same germs that connect us, impact our daily lives, as has been evidenced during this COVID-19 Pandemic. As a result of the germ connection society has been changed in many […]

You’ve been tricked. Let bioPURE level with you!

 You have been tricked so let us level with you.At bioPUREwe keep science in the lead and that requires telling our customers the truth.Major chemical companies do what they can to help you keep your homes/businesses clean and healthy but claims to “kill 99.9% of household germs” require specific steps that are part of the […]